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How to choose a non-woven bag making machine maintenance lubricant

The internal and external lubricating function of a lubricant is determined by its chemical composition and solubility in polymer melts. For example, monoglyceryl stearate can dissolve in the melt of polyvinyl chloride, and has a part of internal lubrication, its internal lubrication function comes from the action of two sex hydroxyl groups in the molecule; and glyceryl tristearate has only external lubrication function, because it There are no hydroxyl groups in the molecule. Of course, the lubrication function is also affected by impurities and other additives contained in the lubricant.

There are many types of lubricants for plastics used in non-woven bag making machines, ranging from natural substances such as lignite wax, paraffin, mineral oil, animal and vegetable oils to various low molecular weight polymers such as low molecular fluororesin, silicone oil, and low density polyethylene. Etc., the more commonly used are some aliphatic compounds, such as stearic acid, stearic acid soaps, stearates. And amides.

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