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Full automatic one drag two mask machine

Features of full automatic one drag two mask machine:
1. Fully automatic output. The mask body is automatically acquired by the ear band machine, which reduces labor costs and reduces the possibility of interference.
2. The earband machine does not have to wait for work, and the adaptive interactive processing system increases the production capacity.
3. Built-in anti-deformation and anti-traveling device, stable operation, qualified input in all weather.
4. Preset quantitative integrated output, neatly stacked, not scattered, clean and hygienic.
5. From the production of the mask body to the ear band, the nose bridge strip is melted, and the ear band is spot welded, which is fully automated and does not require manual work.
6. The size of the nasal bridge and the size of the body can be configured according to the drawings provided by the customer.
7. Flat mask fold printing can be adjusted according to your own needs.
8. The machine adopts computer programmed control and photoelectric detection to improve the stability of the machine and reduce the failure rate of the machine.
9. This machine adopts variable frequency control to accurately control production efficiency and production speed. Users can also adjust the production speed according to their actual conditions.
10. Compared with semi-automatic equipment, this set of equipment is more efficient, user-friendly design, easy to operate, and solves the problems of low productivity, difficult recruitment and high wages of workers in mask production enterprises.

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